About Me

I was born in Edinburgh and spent most of my life in Scotland until I moved to London to attend the University of London where I gained a degree in marketing and business in 2014.

Now I am focusing on developing my career as a businesswoman. To gain experience at the hard end of business, I am now working as a sales representative for the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. This involves travelling extensively around the UK visiting shops, hospitals and clinics to promote and obtain sales. It is very hard work and can be tiring as it involves long hours driving. The experience is developing my communication and sales skills as I have to deal with a very wide range of people, learning how to sell a product and persuade them to buy.

I plan to stay in this work for another year, and then to move into a marketing department. This would enable me to expand my skills in business communications, advertising and public relations. Ultimately I would like to own my own business perhaps in sales or communications as I am enjoying being closely involved with other businesses.

For the time being, I have a small flat in Croydon, South London, which I use as a base. It is a convenient location for travelling. My parents and brother still live in Edinburgh and I visit them frequently, especially when my job takes me up to Scotland.

The amount of time spent travelling means that it is hard to develop many personal interests, but I enjoy going to the theatre whenever I can. I enjoy drama and ballet so I often seek out local productions in the various towns I visit. Cities such as Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield are particularly good destinations and I love going there, as there are always lots of shows available.

I read a lot of books too as these can while away hours in hotel rooms overnight. I find that staying in hotels is giving me extra interests too as I am interesting in discovering how they work, and how they differ from each other. Looking at the interior décor and the different styles and colour themes has aroused an interest in interior décor. Personally I prefer a contemporary yet classical look, something that is easy to relax with.

I do like the odd game of bingo, especially online. My current favourite site to play at is BingoDate.com. I do get outside though! I try and go for a walk every day seeking out pretty parks, or interesting streets in the area where I am staying. This gives me some much needed fresh air. I would love to try Pilates and Yoga but it is difficult to have regular lessons when I am travelling so much. As a child, I was very good at Highland dancing and won several medals, but again this is something that I will have to look forward to doing in the future.